Artificial Insemination (AI) Services 

Printable PDF of AI Prices            

Entry Exam Fee (includes reproductive exam & palpation)   Per Cow $25      

Synchronization drugs (CDR & Lut)   Per Cow $15       

Cows will usually be synchronized in groups of 6-10. This helps us keep our cost down and allows us to pass this saving on to our customers. The approximant time period will be between 25to 35 days      

AI Fee per time AI’ed      Per AI  $45      

Cows are usually AI’ed off of standing heat. We only time bred as a last resort. If the animal is left at C1G for 30 days after AI and we observe a heat C1G will AI her on that heat without changing the AI fee. Client pays board fees and for semen.

Pregnancy checked by blood test at 28-30 days  Per Cows   $  8.00            

Boarding Fee (quality feed, hay, minerals & pasture) Per Day $  7.00      

Calf Board Fee when entering with AI mother  Per Day $  N/C      

Cow pick-up and delivery services available Per Mile $  2.75  (if picking up donors for multiple owners, miles will be divided by each donor) 
We are willing to work with clients in order to tailor a program to better fit their needs.   

Health Requirements AI Cattle      

Brucellosis Test or from Brucellosis Free State      

TB Test or from a TB Free State      

Vaccination for Lepto/Vibreo (C1G can Vaccinate $15.00 per head)      

Body conditions score      

All noted on a Health Certificate issued by a Vet within 30 days of arrival.