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Little Ace Swamp Guinea - Straight Butler BloodlineSeven Original Families

Below are links to PDF files of articles about the Seven Original Families (Bloodlines) that helped save the Texas Longhorn cattle. Today's modern day Texas Longhorns can trace their ancestors back to one or more of these seven families.

Seven Families    

Butler and WR Bloodlines

Longhorn Bloodlines

Butler Family of Cattle

Peeler Bloodline

WR Cattle, the breed standard


Yates Bloodline

In the Texas Longhorn breed there are 7 families or bloodlines.  These bloodlines are the result of the individuals who were breeding and preserving the Longhorn in the early years when the Longhorn was almost extinct.

One of these bloodlines is the Butler line named after Milby Butler who was dedicated to preserving his idea of a true Texas Longhorn.  For more information about Milby Butler and his cattle visit the Butler Breeders website at www.butlertexaslonghorns.com  

Unlike the other bloodlines, which have lost some of their popularity, the Butler Bloodline has grown in esteem over the last ten years.  There are several reasons for the increase in value and high regard for Butler genetics.  One of these reasons is a dedicated group of breeders and another is the Butler Breeders Invitational Sale. 

When it comes to evaluating the quality of a Butler animal one must first look at the pedigree and then the animal.  With straight Butler cattle it is not all about horn -- it is important -- but so is the pedigree.

Artificial Insemination is a good way to add great old Butler genetics to a program.  I have attached PDF files with information on the straight Butler bulls that are AI certified with the TLBAA.  The bulls’ pedigrees and photos were published in the July 2008 Trails Herd Sire Directory.  I have added additional comments, reference photos and placed the bulls in sections based on the Butler sub-family they represent 

AI Certified Butler Bulls


TLBAA AI Certified Bulls