Attention: Our weaned calf program will have recipient cows available for embryos in mid Feb and mid March. The cost is $2,200 made in 4 payments. Calf picked up at weaning at 6 to 7 mos. If you have frozen embryos that you would like to get implanted, give us a call for more information or to reserve your recipient cows today.



New (11-6-17) Flate Rate Pricing Click to download PDF of Prices 

NEW Flat Rate Pricing


In order to better serve our customers we are offering our services at a "Flat Rate". By doing this we are able to save time by cutting back on our paperwork and book keeping. While this dose allow us cut our overhead, more importantly it allow us to focus on the important job at hand, making your breeding program a success. Discounts available for prompt or early payment. 

Embryo Transfer Services

Flat Rate $1,625.00 per Donor includes the following....

*please take special note of these items

Conventional Embryo Flush per Donor includes super ovulation drugs, fluids & flushing supplies

  • Preparation Fee Giving drug shots twice a day for 4 days, heat watch, CIDR & Lutalyse.
  • Freezing embryos 1 to 4. Embryo 5 and up will be charged additional.
  • Does not include semen 
  • Donor will be book for a minimum stay of 45 days at C1G  

Transfer or Freezing of Fresh Embryos

     Transferring of Fresh Embryos (in C1G or client owned recipes)

     Freezing of Embryos

*If no embryos are recovered, the "Flat Rate" will be adjusted down by $200.

*If 5 or more embryos are recovered there will be at an additional charge of $60 per up to the 10th embryo, #11 and up $10 per.

 Donor Fees

      Entry Exam Fee (includes reproductive exam & general evaluation before the process is started)  

     AI Fee for Donors (each time donor is AI’d, usually 3 times)                      

     Donor Board (quality feed, hay, minerals & pasture)         

     Calf Board when entering with Donor mother                             N/C


Recipient Cows Not included


Donor Health Requirements At Owners expense before arrival at C1G

      Brucellosis Test (unless for Certified Free herd or State)

      TB Test (unless for Certified Free herd or State)

      MultiMin 90 (C1G can Vaccinate $15.00 per head)

      Vaccination for Lepto/Vibreo (C1G can Vaccinate $15.00 per head)

      Body condition score

      All noted on a Health Certificate issued by a Vet within 30 days of arrival.


Artificial Insemination (AI) Services

"Flat Rate" of $350 per head includes the following.....                    

      Synchronization drugs (CDR & Lut if needed)                                             

      Cows will usually be bred on natural heats. The approximant time period will be between 35 to 40 days

      AI Fee per time AI’ed                                                                  

      Cows are usually AI’ed off of standing heat. We only time bred as a last resort.      

       If the animal is left at C1G for 30 days after AI and we observe a heat C1G will AI her on that heat without changing the AI fee. Client pays board fees and for semen.

      Pregnancy checked by blood test or ultrasound at 28-35 days                            

      If the animal comes back into heat before the 35 day mark, we will AI at no additional charge

       If animal checks open at 28 day mark, we will AI a second time at no charge. Owner pays for                

       additional board. We want to do everything possible to insure that you have a bred cow when

       you pick her up from C1G.   

      Board (quality feed, hay, minerals & pasture) for 35 days.                            

      Calf Board when entering with AI mother                                


We are willing to work with clients in order to tailor a program to better fit their needs. 


Health Requirements AI Cattle at Owners expense

      Brucellosis Test or from Brucellosis Free Herd or State

      TB Test or from a TB Free Herd or State

      Multi Min 90 (C1G can Vaccinate $15.00 per head)

      Vaccination for Lepto/Vibreo (C1G can Vaccinate $15.00 per head)

      Body conditions score

      All noted on a Health Certificate issued by a Vet within 30 days of arrival.