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Donor Cow Pricing (prices subject to change without notice) 

Embryo Transfer Services Conventional Embryo

Flush per Donor   Per Cycle  $475

Flush fee includes super ovulation drugs, fluids & flushing supplies 

Preparation Fee        $175 

Giving drug shots twice a day for 4 days, heat watch, CIDR & Lutalyse.  Does not include semen or AI fee.  Donors will usually be synchronized in groups of 6-10. This helps us keep our cost down and allows us to pass this saving on to our customers.Donor will be book for a minimum stay of 45 days at C1G. If possible all donors are AI’ed off of standing heats for the best results. We only time breed as a last result.  

Transfer or Freezing of Fresh Embryos     

Transferring of Fresh Embryos (in C1G or client owned recipes) Per Embryo $65

Freezing of Embryos: 1-5 embryos $65 per embryo, each additional embryo $35 per 

Donor Drug Charge

Super ovulation drug charge, only if procedure is not performed due to lack of heat cycle from the donor        Standard set-up        Per set-up  $175 

Donor Fees      

Entry Exam Fee (includes reproductive exam & general evaluation)    Per Donor    $50       

AI Fee for Donors (each time donor is AI’d, usually 2-3 times)   Per AI          $35           

Donor Board (quality feed, hay, minerals & pasture)  Per Day        $7.00      

Calf Board when entering with Donor mother   Per Day N/C      

Donor pick-up and delivery services available   Per Mile $2.75 (if picking up donors for multiple owners, miles will be divided by each donor) 

Donor Health Requirements      

Brucellosis Test      

TB Test      

MultiMin 90       

Vaccination for Lepto/Vibreo      

Body condition score      

All noted on a Health Certificate issued by a Vet within 30 days of arrival.