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The article below will appear in the Summer 2013 issue of The American Livestock Magazine.

Why Texas Longhorn Cattle?

By Russell Hooks

In my thirty five plus years of breeding, preserving and promoting Texas Longhorn cattle I have been ask numerous questions about the breed. However I would have to say the most often asked question is “why do you raise Longhorns”. This question is not a simple single answer but rather a question with multiple answers which I am going to share with you in this article.

First off, they are one of the easiest breeds of cattle to raise and do not require a lot of cattle knowledge or experience working with cattle. One of the factors that make Longhorns a “no hassle” breed is their natural resistance to numerous diseases and parasites. Longhorns seem to have a natural immunity developed over centuries of having to make it on their own with little too no help from mankind. This translates into fewer veterinarian bills and less maintenance cost for an individual choosing to raise Texas Longhorns.

Another reason as to “why Longhorns” is their browse utilization. Longhorn cattle will take advantage of whatever type of forage is available thus requiring less supplemental feed to maintain an adequate body condition. Most Longhorn cows weight less than1200lbs which means less cost to maintain the cows. They also put less stress on your pastures by their lower forage requirements and by their willingness to consume different types of vegetation. This allows the rancher to possibly increase his carrying capacity, which increases the number calves produced thus increasing the potential profits. Click for Complete story