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Herd Of Trophy Steers SOLD 

Straight Butler Cow $3,200 







The Secret to Producing Horn

What do these 4 cows have in Common besides 80 plus inches of Horn?

Answer: Butler Genetics 


All four of these super long horned females trace back to at least 34.375% Butler breeding. The longest horned female in the breed, BL Rio Catchit (90.25"), traces back to no less than 46.875% Butler genetics. Some of the most respected Registered Texas Longhorn breeders of all time used Butler genetics as a key part of their programs. Johnny Hoffman, Betty Lamb, Blackie Graves, and JW Issacs are legendary breeders who are still recognized for their contributions to the Texas Longhorn cattle breed. Each one of them utilized Butler genetics extensively as they built their programs. I had the honor of showing cattle for Mr. Johnnie and he told me on several occasions....


"You take the Butler out of your herd and you'll take the horn out of your herd."
---Johnnie Hoffman


Today's breeding legends like Owen McGill and Bob Loomis have recognized the importance of Butler genetics, and have built elite herds resulting in some of the longest horned cattle in the history of our breed. The gentics from these herds are some of the most sought after genetics in the Longhorn industry
and they were built around Butler cattle. While straight Butler cattle won't necessarily have as long a tip-to-tip horn measurement as the cattle with blended pedigrees. After reviewing the pedigrees of the longest horned cattle in the breed it is pretty clear that Butler cattle are a major contributor to the hybrid vigor needed to produce Record Setting horn length when crossed with other bloodlines.


Take your herd the next level in horn production by following the examples of these great breeders by building your program around straight Butler Genetics. You will have the oppertunity to start that horn improvement process on August 31, 2013 at the Butler Breeders Invitational Sale in Lockhart, TX.

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