Longhorn vs. Watusi - Recognizing Breed Characteristics.
Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 01:28PM
Russell Hooks

Let me start by saying, this article is not meant in any way to be accusatory to anyone or their breeding program. It is being written with the soul intent to help educate newer Texas Longhorn Breeders about the differences between the breed characteristic of the Texas Longhorn and other horned breeds of cattle, mainly the Watusi. I am not saying we do or do not have Watusi influence in today's Longhorn cattle but I do believe that breeders need to be able to recognize the differences in the breed characteristics of the Texas Longhorn vs. the Watusi. We are going to take a look at these differences and make a point by point comparison.  

 Photo B & D   1) The Poll/ Top of Head with V shape.  2) The forehead has a slight V in it.  3) Horn shell and hairline starts a good distance from the side of the head.   4 on B & 2 on D) Eye socket set differently than a Longhorn.   5) Bone space between the skull side and the start of the outer horn shell is larger than the Longhorn. Photo C   1) Tail head   2) Slope from hooks to pins.   3) Navel

Look at Photo A. Is this bull a Longhorn? Is this bull a Watusi? Is this bull a Longhorn Watusi cross that is sometimes called a LongTusi? When you look at the bull as a whole it may not be easy for you to tell for sure which is the correct answer.

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