Russell and Felicia Hooks are the owners and opperators of Chosen 1 Genetics. They both have a strong background in the livestock industry.

Russell Hooks is a fifth generation cattleman and has been working in the cattle industry for over 35 years. He has worked as a ranch manager, herdsman, custom cattle fitter & showman. While running his custom cattle fitting and showing service he produced numerous area and regional Champions as well as World and National Champions. He has an extensive background in bovine care and handling that has resulted in successful results. Over the years he has put his background and knowledge to work managing the in-house embryo programs for several top Texas Longhorn programs. While his primary experience has been working with Texas Longhorns, he grew up working on his family's cow-calf operation. He judges numerous Texas Longhorn Cattle Shows around the country each year.

Felicia Hooks is the daughter of a veterinarian. She worked alongside her dad as his vet tech for many years so she has a solid background in animal health and husbandry. She has years of experience as a manger in the public sector which makes her a natural as the office manager of C1G.