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"Texas Longhorns are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one."

"Texas Longhorns are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one."

"Texas Longhorns are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one.""Texas Longhorns are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one."

Chosen 1 Genetics AI & Embryo Transfer Facility


Cattle Relaxing In The pastures at chosen 1 genetics

We are an open pasture AI and Embryo Transfer Facility specializing in Texas Longhorn Cattle 

About Chosen 1 Genetics

Our mission


     The mission at Chosen 1 Genetics, LLC is to provide cattlemen with top quality Embryo Transfer & Artificial Insemination Services as a way to improve the overall genetic quality of their herds. Part of that mission focus is to provide the best service possible for our clients while providing the best possible environment and care for their valuable livestock. While we specialize in Texas Longhorns, we are happy to work with all breeds of cattle as well as all types and sizes of cattle. The team at C1G combines numerous years of valuable experience in various aspects of the livestock industry. C1G is not trying to be the largest bovine reproductive facility but rather a facility known for providing the highest level of care for our clients cattle while achieving the best results possible. Unlike a lot of other bovine reproduction facilities C1G only works with a limited number of cattle at a time. "We care for your cattle like they were our own"

     Another major difference between C1G and must bovine breeding facilities is the way the cattle are housed during the process. At most facilities the cattle are housed in very close and confined spaces which can become overcrowded resulting in injuries. At C1G cattle are housed in spacious traps and open pastures and with limited numbers we can avoid overcrowding. Our facility consist of approximately 50 acres of pastures which will house cattle between prep work and their breeding or flushing dates. We live at our facility so the pastures and cattle are easily checked daily. We also offer special housing in our spacious barn with 10 pens and outside runs for cattle that require extra or special care. All cattle are provided free access to high quality coastal hay and minerals in additional to a daily feeding regiment to insure the best body condition for success.

Cattle at C1G are always handled in as calm and quite manner as possible. Studies have shown that the way cattle are handed before, during and after the process has a direct effect on the success of the process. By scheduling only a limited number of donors and AI cows at a time we are able to provide a more hands on management and care of our clients cattle to produce the best results. We are not volume oriented thus giving us time to handle cattle at a slow and calm pace when working them through our P&C chute system. Our barns alley and chute area has a sand/gravel floor which provides the cattle with a more comfortable and secure footing than a concrete floor.  

     Part of our management process is to utilizing a pre-flush/pre-AI vaccination and mineral protocol to help insure that cattle entering the breeding program at C1G have the best possible chance of success. C1G will be contracting with reputable commercial cattlemen to supply top quality recipient cows. The recipient cows will go through a similar vaccination and mineral protocol as the donors. Most donors will be scheduled for a 45-60 day stay at C1G per flush. AI cattle may stay up to 30 days and can be blood tested 28 days after AI date to check for pregnancy. 

     C1G has assembled a staff of highly qualified individuals with years of experience in the fields of Embryo Transfer,  Artificial Insemination, Cattle Management and Animal Health Services.


Gary Bowdoin AI'ing using our P&C Chute to insures the safety of both animal & the tech. 

Our Staff - When Experience Counts

Facility Owners & Cattle Management - Russell & Felicia Hooks



Russell is a fifth generation cattleman and has been working in the cattle industry for over 39 years. He has worked as a ranch manager, herdsman, custom cattle fitter & showman. While running his custom cattle fitting and showing service he produced numerous area and regional Champions as well as World and National Champions. He has an extensive background in bovine care and handling that has yielded successful results. Over the years he has put his background and knowledge to work managing the in-house embryo programs for several top Texas Longhorn programs. While his primary experience has been working with Texas Longhorns, he grew up working on his family's cow-calf operation. Working alongside his father he learned how to handle all types of cattle. He also judges numerous Texas Longhorn Cattle Shows around the country each year. 

Felicia is the daughter of a veterinarian. She worked alongside her dad as his vet tech for many years so she has a solid background in animal health and husbandry. She has years of experience as a manger in the public sector which makes her a natural as the office manager, as well as a vital part of the day-to-day operations of C1G. 



Chosen 1 Genetics is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our team, Embryologist Paul Fowler. His dedication and years of experience is what made him a great choice and fit for the team at Chosen 1 Genetics. 

Mr. Fowler is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a BS in Animal Science, he went directly to work the field of ranch management. He managed ranches in Columbus, Texas and Marquez, Texas for nearly 20 years combined. Paul believes that a ranch manager should be able to perform any job on a ranch, from colt breaking and equipment repair to artificial insemination. This philosophy lead Paul to where he is today ­ with over 30 years of experience in artificial insemination and over 13 years of experience in embryo collection and transfer.  He has worked with almost every breed of cattle over the years, including Longhorns. Paul currently provides services in artificial insemination and embryo collection and transfer at his facilities in Winona, Texas and through his relationship with Chosen 1 Genetics.  He also assists the agricultural department at Alcorn State University with their research by performing their embryo collections and transfers, and also providing their students with training in reproductive skills. Paul’s arsenal skills also includes estrus manipulation, ovum aspiration for IVF embryo production, and working with hard to breed cows.

Artificial Insemination Technician - Gary Bowdoin


Gary Bowdoin -Lead AI technician. 

Gary has dedicated countless hours to helping breeders improve their herds thru AI. Gary received his Certification in Artificial Insemination in 1977, before graduating from Crawford High  in 1979, with Honors. He fine tuned his AI skills by AI cattle for his family. While attending Tarleton State University from 1979 to 1983 he worked as an AI Tech for a number of dairies in the area. Gary graduated with a BS in Agriculture Education, a Minor in Agriculture Engineering and a Master Work in High School Administration. Gary has been an active member of the TLBAA, having served on the Board of Directors and as Treasure. Over the years Gary has continued to provide his AI services to numerous cattleman and ranchers. He helps his parents, Frank and Sue Bowdoin with their Longhorn herd. Outside of the Longhorn and cattle world Gary enjoys coaching track and working with young athletes. Gary and his wife, Teresa own Tonkawa Cattle Company in Crawford, TX. He brings over 40 yrs. worth of AI experience to the C1G team. We are pleased to have Gary as part of the C1G team as we All "help you build the herd of your dreams, 1 embryo at a time." 

IN house AI Services


Have you ever dreamed of improving your herd through AI? But felt you did't have the knowledge, experience, time or facility set up to do it? Well we have the knowledge, experience, time and a facility set to safely handle Longhorn cattle. We can make your dreams come true. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.     

in house Embryo Collection


Collecting embryos from your best and most expensive females is a great way to increase the return on your investment. Also collecting embryos from your best producing females is a great insurance policy. Flushing and freezing of embryos will insure that their genetics will continue to be part of your program for years to come. Insure those valuable genetics by calling to scheduling a embryo collection for your prized female.   

in house Embryo Transfer


We can assist you with the transferring/implanting of your fresh or frozen embryos. You can provide your own recipient cows or we can help you acquire the cattle you need. Since we are set up to safely handle Longhorn cattle you can make good use of any grade Longhorn cattle you have by having them carry and delivery your ET calves.   

Services offered & Prices

Helping breeders build the herd of their dreams, one embryo at a time