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"Texas Longhorns are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one."

Terms and Conditions


Making a Purchase.

Making a purchase on Texas Longhorn Roundup is as simple as a click of a button. If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact Russell Hooks at 409-381-0616. He will be happy to help you. When you find one that you think you can't live without, simply add it to your shopping cart. Then follow the directions to process your purchase through PayPal. After payment processing you will be contacted by Russell to arrange pickup or delivery. If you would rather pay by cash, bank approved check or at time of pickup then add your selection to your cart and contact Russell to make payment & pickup arrangements. Your next herd addition is only a click away. 

Payment and Payment Options

Full payment is required before buyer can takes possession of any cattle. Payment can be in the form of Cash, Wire Transfer or Credit Card through PayPal. Payment must be processed before cattle are picked up or at time of pick up. A 15% non-refundable deposit is required to hold cattle for 21 days or before health paperwork is started. 

Cattle Health

All cattle will be inspected before pick up or shipping by a licensed veterinarian to insure they are in good health. If any testing is required for transport out of state they will be performed by a licensed veterinarian. All females that are of breeding age and have been exposed to a bull will be pregnancy test by blood or palpation, unless they have a calf at side that is under 30 days of age, or have not been exposed since calving. All bulls that are 2yrs old or older will be fertility tested. All bulls that are of age that require tich testing will be tested.  


All cattle will sell with a veterinarian certificate of inspection for general health.  Females that are preg checked bred or that have a nursing calf at side are considered breeders at the time of sale with no further guarantee. Bulls of test age that pass a fertility test at time of sell are considered sound at time of sale with no further guarantees. Yearling and weanling bulls and heifers sale with no breeding guarantees, as do nursing calves.  

Certificates of Registrations

A certificate of registration or application for registration will be furnished on all cattle. The seller will pay for processing the registration paperwork with one of the breed associations. Paperwork will only be processed after payment as been processed and cleared. 


Once an animal is sold it will becomes the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer. The seller, Texas Longhorn Roundup and/or Russell Hooks are not responsible any accidents, injures or harm that may happen before animal(s) are picked up by buyer or agent or transported to buyer.  All animals must be picked up within 7 days of purchase unless other arrangements are made. See Cattle Boarding Charges. 

Cattle Boarding Fees

We offer our buyers free board and basic care of their cattle purchased from us or through Texas Longhorn Roundup for the first 10 days after purchase. Each additional day will be charged at $7.50 per day per head, except nursing calves. Cattle must be picked up before 20 days. or additional arrangements must be made with the seller.  

Semen Purchase

We offer no guarantees on any of the older semen offer by Texas Longhorn Round Up or any of our clients. We have no way of guaranteeing that the semen has been properly handled in the past. When there is a large enough quantity available we do not mind having a straw tested but even then we can not guarantee that all other straws from that bull are viable. We offer the semen as is but feel that the semen of some of the great old bulls is worth taking a chance on. Buyer pays shipping and handling charges.